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The new eCitaro

It emits zero local emissions and runs almost silently. It combines the thousand fold proven platform of Mercedes-Benz' best-selling city bus with new technological solutions and an independent design. The all-electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro takes electric city buses to a new level and impresses with its innovative thermal management system with exceptional energy efficiency and reliability of range. Its performance enables the eCitaro to cover a large part of the requirements of the transport operators right from the start. 

Be it procurement, operations or servicing – electromobility throws up numerous and completely new questions. The Mercedes-Benz eMobility overall system supplies the answers.

The eCitaro not only expands the portfolio of the world's best-selling Citaro with an all-electric city bus ready for series production; the eCitaro also raises e-mobility to a completely new level. Its intelligent interaction between innovative battery and charging technology, networking of IT and communication systems, and not least its striking futuristic design make it the new standard for electric city buses, ready today for the city of tomorrow.

For Mercedes-Benz, being dynamic is a mindset. To save energy, the eCitaro features acceleration control: whether empty or fully occupied, whether a solo bus or an articulated bus – the eCitaro always accelerates under full load with identical dynamics from the stop or the traffic light. This prevents unnecessary energy consumption and leads to a passenger-friendly driving style. Both bus models have an identical 2 x 125 kW drive. In addition to the drive, the battery equipment is also modularly designed. Lithium-ion batteries are used. In the case of the solo bus, two, four or six battery modules are used on the roof. They are supplemented throughout by four battery modules in the rear. Each of the modules consists of 15 cell modules and a control unit. The individual cell modules each accommodate twelve battery cells, and the total capacity of the batteries amounts to 243 kWh.