OC 500 LE


The OC 500 LE engine is equipped as standard with an automatic transmission featuring torque converter. With its characteristics, it makes possible extremely comfortable and fuel-efficient driving in inner-city and inter-city operations. The intelligent gearshift program detects and recognises different driving resistance and chooses the adequate drive program accordingly. Gear changes are fluid and the transmission always operates in the optimum range. For relaxed and calm driving comfort which both the driver and the passengers can really enjoy.

The OC 500 LE makes it easy for you to tailor the cockpit to your precise requirements. The steering column, for example, can be adjusted in height and inclination. Instead of a conventional gearshift lever in the cockpit, there is a joystick with pneumatic shifting aid on the right of the driver's seat. Easy to reach and to operate, the joystick guarantees gearshifting comfort to rival that of a passenger car. This eases the driver's workload and helps to ensure full concentration on the road ahead – a key contribution to driving safety.

With the OC 500 LE you ensure progressive ride culture for your customers. The front axle provides advanced low-floor comfort in the front section. It stabilises your vehicle body against roll movements, keeps the bus safely in its track and allows particularly wide wheel angles. A turning circle of around 21 m for the approx 12 m long two-axle version speaks for itself. The ideal complement: the new rear axle. Because thanks to a further improved axle location it transfers the driving force to the road with the greatest efficiency and ensures extraordinary ride comfort with its low-friction, quiet running.

A driver sometimes has to overcome obstacles on the way to their destination. That's why you can equip the chassis with a pneumatic raising/lowering system to prevent damage to the vehicle's underside when driving over obstacles. Riding over obstacles or abrupt road surface transition joints is thus made easy. The optional kneeling function facilitates boarding and exiting the vehicle by lowering the vehicle body.

Drivers favour buses that make their work as easy as possible. The variable-ratio steering gear of the OC 500 LE responds to this need. The more the driver turns the steering wheel, the lighter the steering becomes. This makes it possible to steer the vehicle with ease, directly and safely. A plus for handling safety, to which the chassis' particular economic efficiency can be added. The steering system does not need to be lubricated which makes it virtually maintenance-free.

In a coach, appearance is important, but inner qualities are even more crucial. The OC 500 LE has a lot to offer in this respect. For example, electronic level control means that passengers are comfortable the moment they start boarding, because it ensures that the entrance height of the vehicle is always the same, regardless of the load. The low-noise drive axle makes the journey much more relaxing for passengers. There is good reason why it has already earned top marks for use in the complete bus.