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Daimler Truck Southern Africa Ltd supports the efforts of the Competition Commission with what they aim to achieve with the Automotive Aftermarket Guideline, with the clear intention to promote and to encourage competition through greater participation of small businesses as well historically disadvantaged groups.

The definition of "Approved Body Repair Centre” or “ABRC” means a business enterprise that performs Structural Repairs and Non-Structural Repairs to Motor Vehicles but excludes Dealers.  For the purposes of this site, an Approved Body Repairer means a Motor-Body Repairer that is appointed by Daimler Truck Southern Africa Ltd.

Daimler Truck Southern Africa Ltd utilizes a two Tier accreditation system, namely Tier 1, that comprises of accreditation to carry out all Structural and Non-Structural repairs to commercial motor vehicles. Tier 2 comprises of accreditation to carry out only Non-structural Repairs to commercial vehicles. “Non-Structural Repairs” means work undertaken to restore the damaged interior and exterior parts of a motor vehicle, that do not have an intrinsic bearing on mechanical functioning of the Motor vehicle, including plastics, aluminum, and steel plates.

For those commercial vehicle panel-shops that are interested in being accredited as a DTSA Approved Body Repair shop, please click on the below button to Complete and Submit the electronic Verification Application Form to kick-off the accreditation process. 

Download any one of the documents listed below to check the accreditation criteria:

Your Authorized Body Repair Centre is always there if it ever comes to the worst.

Whether it’s damages to the bodywork, paintwork, chassis or vehicle parts that needs attending to – A Daimler Truck Southern Africa  Approved Body Repair Centre is the place to go to for any accident repairs. Here your truck will be in the hands of specialists who work with these complex vehicles on a daily basis and therefore know your truck inside out. You can also rely on the fact that our service partners use  Approved Genuine Parts in accordance with the manufacturer specifications. And that they will be as professional in their approach to providing value- for-money repairs for older models as they are for newer models.