Tourismo Euro V


It is difficult to find a more reliable way to protect passengers than keeping the driver concentrated on the road to the maximum possible degree. That is why Mercedes-Benz's engineers have done everything possible to make the driver's work space in the Tourismo as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. All switches and control elements are located in close proximity. A high-definition colour display provides all the required information and if necessary relays information to the driver: for example, relating to route details or fuel consumption. In this way, everything is kept under the driver's control, who can then concentrate on the road. With the Tourismo, you will always be safe.

The driver's seat is designed to provide maximum comfort. The driver has enough dedicated space for storage of personal items in the stowage compartments. 

In case passengers would like to drink some water, there is a spacious fridge with a volume of 51 l.

Everyone will want to travel on a Tourismo bus. Thanks to its comfortable interior and new detailed finish, this tourist bus meets the needs and desires of all passengers.

When travelling by Tourismo bus, passengers enjoy excellent levels of comfort. The passenger compartment of the bus is equipped to the highest standards. Thanks to the 2.01 m ceiling height, even the tallest clients feel comfortable in their seats. Travel Star seats regulated from the aisle side and manufactured especially for installation on tourist buses help customers to relax even for long-distance trips. Optionally, it is possible to install child seats with three-point seatbelts for long-distance routes.

To make journeys as comfortable as possible for passengers, there are foot rests, tray tables, luggage storage and even modern overhead electronic panels which passenger can use to adjust personal lighting and climate control. And when it gets dark outside, sophisticated lighting in the passenger compartment creates a relaxed atmosphere.

To provide comfortable transportation for disabled passengers, the Tourismo model can be equipped with a lifting device and dedicated places for wheelchair users. The lifting device is located directly behind the front axle on the right side, behind the additional door in the luggage storage area. The passenger compartment can be fitted out with dedicated areas for wheelchairs on the left and right sides. There areas are installed with double folding seats that move along floor rails, instead of the standard, fixed passenger seats. Using special fittings, these folding seats can be quickly moved to create space for a wheelchair user. The same fittings can be used to clamp a wheelchair down into position.

Regardless of the weather, passengers will always enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in the Tourismo. This is thanks to convection heating and a powerful air-conditioning system. On summer days, passengers are spared from the heat, and the system offers the addition bonus of being very low-maintenance. The modern radio and electronic devices on-board also contribute to a pleasant ambience. The well-balanced chassis goes a long way in making a trip by Tourismo a true joy from the second you step on-board to the second you leave the bus.