Technical Data
Tourismo Euro V

Technical Data

Passenger capacity  
Seats arrangement – 3*:  1/1/51
Seats arrangement – 4*:  1/1/46
Length (mm)  12.140
Width (mm)  2.550
Height incl. AC unit (mm) [1] approx. 3.620
Distance between the axles (front – drive) (mm)  6.080
Distance between the axles (drive – rear) (mm)  -
Tyre size  295/80 R 22.5
Front overhang (mm)  2.760
Rear overhang (mm)  3.300
Front overhang angle (°)  7,65
Rear overhang angle (°)  6,9
External turning diameter (mm)  approx. 20.980
Engine & capacity   
Engine (standard)  Mercedes-Benz OM 457 hLA
Emission standards (exhaust gases)  Euro V
System  Completely electronic with direct injection pumps
Maximum capacity (kW [hp] at rev./min.)  260
Actual volume (cm³)  11.967
Number and arrangement of cylinders  6 / row, horizontal arrangement
Rated load torque (Nm at rev./min.)  1.600 Nm at 1.100/min.
Transmission (standard), type  6-speed Mercedes-Benz, GO 190, with servo drive
Engine & capacity (special option)   
Engine 2 (special option)  Mercedes-Benz OM 457 hLA
Emission standards (exhaust gases) (Engine 2) Euro V
Maximum capacity (kW [hp] at rev./min.)  (Engine 2) 300
Actual volume (cm³) (Engine 2) 11.967
Number and arrangement of cylinders (Engine 2)  6 / row, horizontal arrangement
Rated load torque (Nm at rev./min.) (Engine 2) 1.900 Nm at 1.100/min.
Transmission (Engine 2) GO 240-8 or ZF AS-Tronic
Steering control  ZF 8098 Servocom
Front axle, type  Independent suspension ZF
Drive axle, type Mercedes-Benz HO6
Rear axle, type -
Primary braking system Disc brakes
Brake retarder 
Electronic braking system control (EBS)
Auxiliary systems   
Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) 
Traction control system (ASR) 
Electronic system of motion stabilisation (ESP®) 
Emergency braking system (BAS) 
Reversing assistance  -
Fuel tank capacity for diesel engine (l)  approx. 490
Tank capacity for AdBlue (l)  approx. 61
Empty weight (kg) [2]  approx. 13.400
Vehicle rated weight (kg) [3]  18.000
Front axle (kg)  7.100
Drive axle (kg)  11.500
Rear axle (kg) [4]  -
Height, door 1 (mm)  2.300
Height, door 2 (mm)  1.840
Door height, front (mm)  2.200
Door height, rear (mm)  1.815
Door width, front (mm)  770
Door width, middle (mm)  770 / or depending on the seats arrangement 590-650
Clearance height, door 1 (mm)  approx. 350
Clearance height, door 2 (mm)  approx. 325
Stair step height, door 1 (mm)  3x170 + 2x178
Driver's place floor height against the road (mm)  860
Central aisle floor height against the road (mm) ок. 1.330
Stair-case floor height against the central aisle floor (mm)  150
Handrails height (installed on the raised area) (mm)  750
Stair step height in the centre, door 2 (mm)  4 x 250
Air-conditioning system   
Passenger compartment cooling capacity (kW)  32
Passenger compartment heat range (kW)  38
Driver's place cooling capacity (kW)  8
Driver's place heat range (kW)  18
Luggage storage capacity   
Luggage storage capacity (m³)  approx. 9,6
Luggage storage capacity (m³) in case the bathroom is available  approx. -1,2
Luggage storage capacity (m³) in case the bathroom and driver's rest room are available  approx. -1,4

* Example: Germany