Finance Options
Value-Added Services

Finance Options

With a reduced monthly repayment, Choices is an innovative finance plan that makes you the kingpin. Bringing improved cashflow and vehicle replacement cycles together through the luxury of choice.

With this unique finance plan, you get to choose an option that suits you best at the end of the agreement period.


1. Lower monthly repayments;
2. Assist with cashflow;
3. Regular vehicle replacement cycles;
4. End-of-Agreement, CHOICES;
5. On balance sheet finance;
6. Finance charges and depreciation are deductable from income tax (subject to customer profile);
7. Increased balance sheet asset value.

Traditional financing

The Instalment Agreement is the traditional way of financing your vehicle of choice. There are no surprises, only predictable and regular monthly instalments.

What you get out of the deal is a finance package where repayments are payable in regular monthly instalments over an agreed period.

Value-Added Offering.

This rental package is specially designed for the customer who would like to pay for the use of a vehicle, rather than ownership. Legal ownership of the vehicle resides with Daimler Truck Financial Services.


1. Capital expense eliminated and improved cash flow;
2. Off balance sheet finance - (confirm with your auditor)
3. VAT claimable and payable monthly (not capitalised up front);
4. Rental fully tax deductable as operating expenses;
5. No vehicle disposal risk;
6. Option to drive a new vehicle more often;
7. Reduced monthly payment.

Daimler Truck Financial Services is an Authorised Credit Provider in terms of the National Credit Act, no 34 of 2005. Licence no NCRCP15036