The Conecto city buses have many qualities. Particularly compelling are their economic effectiveness and their powerful drive system: the engine flap covers trustworthy, frugal diesel engines.

Mercedes-Benz OM 936


The new BlueEFFICIENCY engines transfer their power particularly efficiently to the road. They deliver impressive torque values from low engine speeds and offer powerful acceleration capacity. The Mercedes-Benz OM 936 six cylinder in-line engine in the Conecto delivers 220 kW (299 hp) from its displacement of 7.7 litres and develops a torque of 1200 Newton-metres. The Conecto articulated bus is powered by a 10.7-litre OM 470 engine delivering 265 kW (360 hp) and 1700 Newton-metres.

The Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® diesel technology not only ensures a high power output at low consumption levels, but also reduced pollutant and particle emissions. Compliance with the stringent Euro VI requirements is achieved through a combination of Common-Rail injection, requirement-oriented exhaust gas recirculation, downstream oxidation catalytic converter, particulate filter and SCR technology with AdBlue injection for exhaust gas purification. This makes possible an 80-percent reduction of nitrogen oxides and 66 percent lower particulate emissions than with Euro V engines.

The modern, robust, Voith DIWA 6 four-speed automatic transmission provides planning security and reduces fuel consumption. Optionally, a ZF EcoLife six-speed automatic transmission system is also available. In order to ensure efficient, smooth action, the drivetrain components, engine, transmission and axles were precisely adjusted to each other. The optional recuperation module ensures even more efficient operation: in overrun phases it generates electricity which it stores and makes available to ancillary consumers.

The standout feature of the new vertically installed OM 470 engine is the flexible X-PULSE common-rail system from Mercedes-Benz with fully electronic control and hydraulic pressure booster. Whereas in the common injection line the pressure is built up to a maximum of 1160 bar, in the individual injectors it is boosted to an injection pressure as high as 2700 bar. The rate of injection can be freely modelled according to operating conditions. Turbocharging is via an fixed-geometry exhaust-gas turbocharger with asymmetrical turbine housing.

Moreover, the new electronics architecture, the "electronic brain" of your Conecto, also helps to keep your maintenance costs to a minimum. It is fully diagnosis-enabled, which speeds up maintenance and repairs. And if it is ever necessary to replace a part at short notice, the highly efficient Mercedes-Benz parts supply system reduces downtime.

Mercedes-Benz OM 470