Safety in the event of an accident

Safety in the event of an accident

In the Conecto, safety is integrated as standard. We have continuously worked on making the bodywork even more stable and safer. Thus the framework protects passengers in the event of a lateral collision. In the event of a rear-end collision, the reinforced front section minimises the consequences of an accident and protects the driver better.

The unique ATC (Articulated Turntable Controller) is a new, highly sophisticated articulation limiter system especially developed by Mercedes-Benz. This turntable and its control system form one of the core components of the Conecto G: the hydraulic damping of the articulation reacts and adapts swiftly and, above all, demand-driven. The result: whereas the conventional high basic articulation damping leads to a strong tendency to understeer in curves and to increased tyre wear on the front axle, this articulation is virtually free in a normal stable driving situation and is damped only by the friction of the component elements.

Anti-jackknifing system of Citaro G / CapaCity L.

Building safe vehicles is the top priority within the integral safety concept of Mercedes-Benz. This also includes all measures that help to mitigate the consequences of an accident. An important part of our work is therefore also targeted information for rescue workers. Because detailed knowledge of our vehicles and their safety systems helps the emergency services to reach injured persons more quickly. And thereby to save lives.