Conecto Euro V


At the heart of the Conecto concept is a low floor over the whole area of the passenger compartment. The vertical position of the engine allows for getting rid of steps at all the entrance doors. This ensures that passengers get on and off the bus comfortably and passenger traffic can move freely around any part of the bus. And the modern route displays help passengers to find their way around.

All equipment and installations on-board Conecto are selected in accordance with usage conditions. The new durable Mercedes-Benz seats designed for city-buses require no special maintenance and are especially comfortable.

The seats are made in accordance with the 2001/85/EC Standard taking in account particular requirements with regard to transportation of disabled passengers. A new ceiling design makes the passenger compartment lighter and more attractive.

Sophisticated cabin ergonomics that make the driver's job easier. All switches and control devices are located in easy line-of-sight and are close to the driver. The means all controls can be used without the driver needing to change position in the driving seat. There is enough space for personal belongings on additional shelves.

Your driver can work in this cabin without getting too tired, whilst being completely concentrated on driving, which is the most important basis for ensuring safety on the road.

The flexible handrail system fits around your seat arrangement option.