In the event of danger
Conecto Euro V

In the event of danger

In cases of danger, the driver must quickly and properly react to prevent an accident. In these cases, the benefits of support by a balanced structure and active safety systems cannot be overestimated. 

Despite the fact that bus accidents are quite rare, they cannot be avoided completely. Mercedes-Benz has been working to make the consequences of accidents less significant. For example, reinforcement of Conecto's side panels is a significant factor contributing to its high passive safety.

In addition, in the Conecto bus, impact energy, in cases of a crash or a rollover, is absorbed by partitions, handrails and a reliable structure of additional tensors – ring frames. They help to reduce the threat to health and life of passengers.

The body durability is an important factor of passive bus safety and is essential in order to minimise damage due to accidents. Special light-weight reinforcement along the outside of the body make the Mercedes-Benz bus extra-durable. This durability meets the reequipments of Standard ECE-R 66, setting out how much “survival space” the structure must provide to passengers in case of an accident.

Vehicles must not be a threat to people — this is the primary objective that Mercedes-Benz strives for by means of its complex safety concept. It includes all the measures capable of minimising damage from accident. An important part of this process also includes making rescue services familiar with vehicle specifications, as knowledge of the structure and safety systems on board helps them to assist those involved in an accident more quickly.... and save lives as a result.