Safe driving
Conecto Euro V

Safe driving

Conecto can guarantee the cost efficiency of city transportation. It is also uncompromising when it comes safety. As for regular buses, special safety requirements are applied.

The best foundation for safe traffic is for drivers to be completely concentrated on the road. A driver's seat with air suspension, a comfortable steering wheel, a well-arranged instrument panel, heated driver's windows and enough storage space make the driver's job easier. An extra point for reliability: the driver's cabin can be separated from the passenger compartment by a simple partition, a low panel of protective glass, or a closed rear wall.

Electronic systems make the driver's job easier. The ABS anti-lock system protects the wheels from locking when necessary, reducing the risk of uncontrolled skidding and loss of control during braking. Additional support is provided by electronic control of the EBS braking system, which significantly reduces braking distances thanks to rapid and precise braking. The ASR traction control system helps the driver to reduce loss of traction in the drive wheels when accelerating.

The ASR system prevents loss of traction in the drive wheels in two ways: firstly, ASR reduces loss of traction by using measured application of the brakes; secondly, the engine torque is regulated using the “electronic” accelerator pedal. For this reason, even with the gas pedal fully depressed, in an emergency situation the engine only produces a torque that the drive wheels can transfer to the road. It improves safety when moving off and balance during driving.

When a bus moves off from standstill, the system controls the speed of the drive wheels and the torque they receive. Based on the data obtained, it controls torque distribution in a way that prevents wheels from losing traction. This is how suitable traction between the road and the wheels is achieved.

The ASR system prevents drive wheels from losing traction during acceleration whilst also minimising the danger of the bus skidding. In this way, ASR enhances both comfort and safety when setting off, especially where buses have a powerful engine and different ratios of traction with the road pavement.