O 500 RS


The O 500 RS was specifically developed for short-, middle- and long-distance regional services and offers all the driver and passenger comfort advantages expected from a Mercedes-Benz. From electronically controlled air suspension to noise reduction of running gear, both the driver and passengers benefit from the high levels of comfort provided.

The driver's work area in the O 500 RS chassis features the elegant four-spoke steering wheel and an advanced, easy-to-read instrument panel. Adapted to the electronics structure and information requirements of Euro V, it supports the driver with expanded information such as trip data and fuel consumption figures, as well as safety warning lights, including water temperature, oil and air pressure. As such the driver has everything under control at a glance.

Mercedes-Benz prides itself on maximising the user experience through its design. By mounting the airbags and levelling valves further outboard on the chassis, a greater level of stability is obtained by the suspension system, through a more sensitive level of electronic control. This leads to a far superior level of comfort and improved handling characteristics, enhancing the overall driver and passenger experience.

Thanks to the electronically controlled air suspension, the vehicle is constantly level in relation to the ground, guaranteeing excellent levels of comfort for passengers and stability. In addition, there is lower transfer of road bumps to the chassis frame, which results in longer vehicle life.

A touring coach impresses not only with its exterior, but in particular with its interior values. And in this respect the O 500 RS has a lot to offer. To begin with, its new electronic level regulation ensures passengers feel comfortable the moment they board the bus. Because with it the bus always maintains the same entry level regardless of its load status. With the new low-noise driven axle, the journey itself is also more relaxed providing for a more pleasant peace and quiet vehicle interior.