Total cost of ownership
O 500 RS

Total cost of ownership

Sometimes less really is more. Mercedes-Benz has spared no effort to save in all the right places so as to enhance the value of the O 500 RS for you even further.

In order for you to be able to save valuable time and expensive transfer costs before the first stage of work, the buggy central sector has also been further improved. Thanks to the redesigned transport module, the O 500 RS with its own drive system is manoeuvrable and steerable, protecting at the same time the valuable components against damage during transport and enabling simple, secure handling. 

The O 500 RS Chassis has been developed for severe operation, considering road conditions and long distances, resulting in robustness to the most diverse conditions, with every welding seam on the chassis frame documented and 100% checked. But robustness doesn't need to equate to increased weight and Mercedes-Benz utilises numerous techniques to ensure weight is optimised. The result: not a kilo too much whilst retaining robustness.

All highway models are equipped with the OM 457 engines which have proven to be reliable long life engines ideally suited to Australian operating conditions. Fuel injection control is based on intelligent monitoring, which provides better combustion, resulting in greater power, greater torque, lower fuel consumption, cleaner emissions and greater durability. In addition, this engine complies with the Euro V Emmissions standard.