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State-of-the-art safety standards are a matter of course in Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches – it was not just a coincidence that the anti-lock braking system (ABS) was first installed in a starred vehicle. Ongoing new and improved safety systems continually guarantee optimum protection for drivers, passengers and other road users. To ensure that you always feel safe and protected, our buses and coaches always have the latest revolutionary technologies on board.

"Tipps & tricks" video about
safety and further features and functions:

Intouro – Maximum efficiency. The new Mercedes-Benz omnibus manifests itself through a great variety and versatility, highest efficiency and comprehensive features. We highlighted the most beneficial tips and tricks about the integral safety concept, including the world new Active Brake Assist 5 and all other features and functions of the new Intouro.

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The driver can switch off Active Brake Assist 5 at any time, but the fifth generation, like the fourth, is technically so sophisticated and essentially designed in such a manner that this procedure only makes sense in rare exceptional cases. With the extended system limits of Active Brake Assist 5, accidents can be prevented even more reliably than before. Automated emergency braking on moving persons offers a further plus in safety – especially for journeys in inner-city areas.


Electronic Stability Program (ESP®).

The Electronic Stability Program significantly reduces the risk of skidding by, for example, counteracting the vehicle’s swerving through targeted braking of individual wheels.


Lane Assist (SPA).

Lane Assist (SPA) detects when the vehicle unintentionally leaves a marked lane. If it crosses the markings, the driver is warned by a clear vibration through the driver’s seat.


Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA 5).

The world premiere in the new Intouro: Active Brake Assist 5 is the first emergency braking assist system for buses and coaches that can react to pedestrians with emergency braking.


Electronic Braking Assist (BAS).

By constantly comparing the data, the electronic braking assist system immediately detects if the speed at which the brake pedal is pressed suddenly exceeds the usual level, and in such situations automatically boosts the maximum braking power to within fractions of a second. This significantly shortens the stopping distance of the bus.


Sideguard Assist.

The Sideguard Assist turning assist system considerably increases the safety of unprotected road users, especially in cities, as it supports the driver in detecting critical situations in good time when turning off. The system works in several stages: in the first stage it informs the driver, in the second stage it emits an additional warning.


Bi-xenon headlamps.

Compared with halogen headlamps, bi-xenon headlamps mean better illumination of the road surface with less energy consumption and a longer life.


Rain-light sensor.

The rain sensor and automatic driving light are assist systems that activate automated functions by means of a sensor system and relieve the driver of routine tasks.


AquaBlade® windscreen wipers.

The AquaBlade® windscreen wipers ensure optimum visibility at all times and, thanks to their ergonomic design, minimise both driving noise and fuel consumption.

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