In the event of danger

In the event of danger

Before a crash occurs, the driver must respond quickly to avoid an accident. The Citaro provides assistance with its directionally stable suspension and smooth steering, which result from the independent suspension on the front axle.

There is particular emphasis on driver safety in the new Citaro. The UNECE-R 29 Directive applicable to trucks, which has defined the survival space for the driver in a head-on collision in a truck since 1975, has been voluntarily adopted as the standard for the Citaro. Compliance with UNECE-R 29 is checked through a pendulum impact test.

Protection in the event of a head-on collision based on the UNECE-R 29 standard, unparalleled amongst urban regular-service buses, as well as the even stiffer structure of the frame, increases passive safety.

The new driver protection door can protect the driver from unexpected attacks. Depending on the intended deployment of the vehicle and the degree of protection desired, there are four modular constructions available.

If a temperature of approximately 160 °C is exceeded, the driver sees an alarm in the driver's display as well as the message "Engine compartment fire". Additionally, an acoustic warning tone is emitted and the extinguishing process initiated automatically.

In the case of a fire, the pressurised detection line (Firetrace) breaks and sprays an extinguishing mixture made of water, engine coolant and a special additive via a series of nozzles around the entire engine compartment. The water mist evaporates as a result of the high temperatures and displaces the oxygen. The engine compartment is thus cooled rapidly, the fire extinguished immediately and re-ignition of the fire prevented. 


  • Low scope of repairs after the system is triggered
  • Fine water mist reduces temperatures and extinguishes the fire immediately
  • Film-forming substances make it more difficult for the fire to re-ignite
  • Not harmful to humans, engine and systems
  • Environmentally friendly extinguishing substance with anti-freeze properties down as low as -35 °C
  • Automatic triggering at high temperatures (over 160 °C or in the case of fire)
  • The system is guaranteed to function in any installation position