A vision becomes reality.

Give your electric bus fleet a modern look. The eCitaro from Mercedes-Benz combines the classic look of a city bus with the futuristic design language of forthcoming bus generations. Its striking face with the many strong character details conveys technological leadership and progress. And its dynamic, expressive design makes the eCitaro a true style icon for your fleet.

Front view.

Elegantly curved windscreen.

Side view.

Classic look with a futuristic design idiom.

Front panel.

Front panel with design elements.


Striking operating elements for request stop.

  • Front view
  • Side view
  • Front panel
  • Interior

From whichever angle you look at it, the eCitaro is a Mercedes-Benz vehicle through and through. This is plain to see in the front design, with the Mercedes star taking pride of place and from which two chrome-look elements radiate to the left and right. The Mercedes-Benz badge stands boldly above the brand word mark. The designers have integrated all the front elements into a high-gloss black panel, including the individual LED headlights. The face of the eCitaro is stylishly framed by the bumper and the three-dimensional A0 pillars in the vehicle's colour . The destination display is integrated into the curved windscreen, which goes right up to the bold roofline*. The side view is defined by an elegant aluminium roof-edge ridge, behind which the roof attachments are concealed. The high-gloss black lower segment stylishly extends the large side glazing of the city bus. The upper segment is painted in the vehicle colour, creating an aesthetic border to the front and rear sides of the bus. The rear view is also perfectly shaped: the corner pillars of the rear end open seamlessly into the roof edge ridge. And elegant black bars serve as a form-accentuating transition between the roof and rear window.

Good design can pay for itself. This is reflected in so many components of the eCitaro. The bodyshell structure has been adopted from the current Citaro, a major advantage for simple and quick repair in case of accident damage. The curved windscreen comes from the Citaro Ü and so is a common spare part. Just like the mirrors, which have also been used in the other Citaro and eCitaro models. The side roof edge ridge is particularly easy to service; it is segmented and can therefore be removed in individual parts.